my wonderful land!

I am sure there is nobody on the planet that doesn’t know the word “Chianti”.
What I would like to do is to show you “through my own eyes” the magic and the passion that this region can give you.

Believe me….doing my job is really easy…It is sufficient enough to take you to some different places so you can taste the red wines, the extra virgin olive oil, the pecorino cheese, the grappa produced in these areas and to discover uncontaminated medieval hamlets with their treasured art  that you will fall in love with…my wonderful place of  birth without any doubt!

I know… I am very lucky to be born in such a wonderful place and if you want I will share all the non tourist corners of my country with you.

Have a nice trip and ….I’ll be waiting for you!!

I am fully licensed, insured and in compliance with Italian regulations