About me

My name is Donatella and I was born in Tuscany, in a town called Siena, where I live with my husband and my two children.

I’m a licensed tour guide in both English, French and German.

I’ve always been passionate about Italy’s wines and food so in 1998 I obtained my Wine Sommelier Degree through the Italian Association of Sommeliers (AIS).

The wine, the good food, the land, the culture and staying among people….are all my passions that I’d like to share with you!

At last but not less important is that I belong to Istrice neighborhood or contrada… Siena is divided into 17 contradas and 10 of these twice a year take part in a horse race around the Campo Square….being very difficult to transmit what the Palio and contrada are, it is necessary that you come to me directly for an explanation remembering that I have grow up within the city walls and know every stone!

Tourism in Tuscany runs mainly from Easter until the middle of November, so during winter time, I travel through Italy to discover new “eno-gastronomical” places for my guests… Please, follow me in my web site.