Montepulciano Region

From the window of our car, when we cross the “Crete Senesi” towards Pienza and Montepulciano, you can see cypress trees and white roads snaking across fields cultivated mostly with wheat that changes colours from green, brown, gold, red according to the season.

To be here seems like you are travelling through a postcard!

In this area there are a lot of well-known historical wineries producing the Nobile of Montepulciano, a DOCG wine made from Prugnolo gentile grapes.

In this region the fields are no polluted and are so green that the pecorino cheese produced by sheep milk has an incredible flavour!

Travelling with me includes….transportation in an air conditioned minivan, nice strolls in villages or small towns for shopping, or just to have a coffee, and also the wonderful time we will spend together is included!

Some places to visit:

Nestled in the hills of the Val d’Orcia, this splendid town is declared by UNESCO a world heritage site.
Its centre was completely redesigned by Pope Pius II in Renaissance times who planned to transform his birthplace into the first example of the  “ideal city”.
You can smell and taste the “pecorino” everywhere in town. Pecorino is  a well-known cheese made from sheep’s milk

It was one of the powerful cities in the Etruscan league. There is a large number of  Etruscan tombs in the surrounding countryside.

It rises at the confluence between the Arbia torrent and the Ombrone river,
This village seems to have been founded around the year 1100. The construction of its walls began in 1371 and are still  well conservative today.