Olive harvest

The month of November: olive harvest!
In Tuscany olives are picked by hand (sometimes wearing gloves due to the temperature!); nowadays the harvest and pressing is facilitated by modern equipment that nonetheless manages to preserve the quality of the olive oil.

The harvest is an important social event: families get together to pick the olives; they eat together, even in the fields (if isn’t too cold!) and then they bring the olives to the “frantoio”.

The real treat, however, comes as soon as they can toast a piece of bread, garnished with a bit of garlic and sprinkled by the freshly pressed oil over it: the best “bruschetta” of the year especially if you had a hand in making it.

If you wish to join in the experience of the olive harvest, you can participate from the picking of olives to the finished product in a biological farm and immediately taste this precious food good also for health and beauty.